Is this the end of the Eurotest era?


When we learned that or own government had opted out of the automatic mutual recognition of qualifications with Europe it was a wake up call for where things were headed. No one in the Snowsports world wanted that, but it is the hand we were dealt and the task of gaining individual recognition [...]

Why Sainte Foy is such a Family Friendly Resort?


Looking for a family friendly resort? Look no further Sainte Foy is the perfect option. As a ski instructor having worked all over the world I will attempt to tell you why Sainte Foy has it all. Let’s start at the beginning, a family with young kids on their first winter holiday... The first thing [...]

Top 5 Reasons Why Courchevel is a Snow Sure Resort


Courchevel is a world class resort for many reasons, one of which is how snow sure it is all season compared to other resorts.  The quality of the snow is an important thing to look for when looking to book your ski trips.  If you are thinking of coming to Courchevel early season but are [...]

Avoriaz Gets New Lifts For Next Winter


  2 New Lifts Accessing Swiss Side of PDS One of the best things about the ski lessons we deliver in Avoriaz is the freedom to go to so many different places. We often get the request of skiing to Switzerland and back, its great fun! But theres more to it than that. The slopes on [...]

Cross-Over, Cross-Under or a Transition somewhere in-between….


Whilst running some training for the Peak Leaders group in Argentina I had some time to grab a bit of footage. This video should help to discuss the pros and cons of different transitions. Now I’ve been thinking on this subject since the recent Interski Congress in Bulgaria whilst watching skiers of different nations but [...]

Eurotest Kit List


Embarking on the journey towards passing the Eurotest can be a a daunting one. To help you get started we have made a Eurotest Kit List of the things you will most likely need. Some of it can be shared, some bought second hand, importantly all of it can be sold once you get that [...]

A Guide To Morzine


The Town If your travelling to Morzine as a Family then you are in the good company, and here is why. Morzine has an interesting history that dates back over 1000 years and has been the home to Monks, Miners and Farmers. All before becoming the hub of skiing and mountain biking that it [...]

What to wear to Keep Warm Skiing


Hi there, Its Gareth from PDS Academy 3 Valleys.  Ski instructors are like onions, we have layers! For some this might be correct both metaphorically and literally, however in this post you will be glad to know that I am only writing about the latter. With lots of early snowfall across the alps and more [...]

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